a community creating for the relentless return of Sunday

two days to Ashes!

Are you looking for Ash Wednesday resources? Look here!

Are you doing something different for Ash Wednesday?

Are you doing Ashes-To-Go? Is there a liturgy that goes with that, or do you just put ashes on anyone who walks by?

What are you singing for Ash Wednesday?

Do you burn the palms for the ashes? If so, do you do it by yourself ahead of time? How and where? (full disclosure: I order mine from Cokesbury…)

Share here so we can all do our last-minute prep and panic together!


And come back later today for the conversation on Lent 1!

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  1. Laura Westby says

    An Episcopal colleague and i (I’m UCC) will be offering Ashes-to-Go outside a local coffee shop on Ash Wednesday morning. We used the Ashes to Go website to craft the press release. We are preparing a handout with an explanation of Ash Wednesday and some prayers for Lent drawn from our respective traditions.

  2. Stacey Grossman says

    Waaaaaay late, but better than never! We make “making ashes” a youth group event. So easy: keep all the palms after Palm Sunday and hang them up in some closet to dry. The next year, take a large coffee can (remember those?) and punch some holes on the sides at the bottom. Have a bonfire with your palms. Note…lots of Palm make a small amount of ash. Take a mortar and pestle, grind them up and voila, ashes. They aren’t perfect…but they are ashey!

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