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confession: you call us, and we…

One:  You call us to the mountaintop, to see you as you really are.

All:  We follow, curious and wondering—but when we see your glory, we are speechless and afraid.

One:  You call us down the mountain, into the valleys of fear, into the shadow of death, into the streets and alleys, into the living rooms and kitchens and classrooms,

All:  and we come slowly, lingering in the light, catching reflected glory, enjoying our separate-ness.

One:  You call us to follow you into homeless shelters and halls of power, and in each to take off our shoes on this holy ground,

All:  and we look around in disgust, unwilling to see your holiness there.

One:  Forgive our narrow vision.

All:  When we see you in the beauty of creation and miss you in the pain of your people, forgive us, O God.

When we long for your voice and use our voices to shut you out, forgive us, O God.

When we would rather everyone just keep their shoes on, comfortable and ready to run, forgive us, O God.

One:  Draw us near to you and fill us with your Spirit, that we may know your holiness in every place and every person, not only where we want to see.

All:  Amen.


Submitted by Rev. Teri Peterson

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