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confession: you are perfect and we are not

Your law is perfect, oh LORD, but we are not.  Rather than understanding the ways your will for us would revive us, make us wise and bring us joy, we bristle at the thought of submission.  We pretend that we know better, that our desires and motives are pure.  In our pride, we lose our awe, our fear of your majesty and power.

Give us hearts that know the value of keeping your commandments and minds that desire understanding of your will more than the purest gold or the sweetest honey.  Grant us humility; clear us from our hidden faults.  Help us to be the people you made each of us to be, so that together we might the body you call us to be.


Assurance of Pardon

The truth of God’s love is this: before we knew God, before we knew love and before we understood the depth of our sin, the reconciling work of Christ was done.  Through the Holy Spirit, we reach out the one who lived, died and rose again to reveal God’s resurrection power to us and for us.  Hear and believe the good news: In Jesus Christ, we are forgiven.


Submitted by Laura Viau.

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