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confession: we don’t like kings

We don’t like Earthly kings so much anymore, Lord. No, we don’t. We’ve moved on in this New Century, and have created other things to rule our lives: our cell phones, our favorite sports teams, our shopping malls, our Facebook pages, our calendars crowded with to-do lists and appointments, our worries, our bills to pay…it seems we have agreed to serve just about everything and everybody -except for You. Forgive us. May Your Kingdom come, to a place right here in our hearts, where you rule as our Good Shepherd, with love, compassion and forgiveness. Amen.

Submitted by Jerie Messer Lukefahr, via the comments! 


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  1. Amy Pospichal says:

    very timely! I like this confession because it definitely speaks to many different generations. I would like to use this, although if prayed in unison corporately, the “Lord, no we don’t” might not flow very well for people’s brains and tongues. I think another thing we mistakenly “deify” is our civic clubs, something very true in our small town, since they can sometimes take the place of church fellowship and service.

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