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POP: our heavenly parent…

Our Heavenly Parent, who is within us,
We celebrate your many names.

We celebrate your names and we remember the names of those who have been your hands and feet in our lives. We remember the names of those saints who have gone before us – have labored for your church and who now rest from their labor.

(Pause and listen as we name those saints who we wish to remember.)

Your wisdom come;
Your will be done unfolding from the depths within us.

We think and make notes; we plan and keep calendars and yet your will, your will?
Do you have a will? Is there one right path for each of us, for all of us? What happens if we miss it? Can we miss it?
Your will unfolds around us, just like it did for those who walked this earth before us.
Your will lives within us.
Quiet us then. Quiet our restless, planning hearts.
Let us listen and watch for your will.


Each day
Each day you give us all that we need.

No more, no less. Although sometimes it seems we have more and sometimes it seems we have less.
And then when we, if we would stop being so self-centered, we would see that there are many that have more and many who have less.
And if we are one, if we belong to one another, what matter is this daily bread to us?

You remind us of our limits; And we let go.

Sometimes we let go. Sometimes we hold – tightly. Sometimes we need you, or maybe someone else with your hands and feet to pry our hands open.
If we were to accept your grand love for us… if we were to let that kind of love creep from the earth into our feet, would our breath catch in wonder at your vast love for us, for us – your holy people?

You support us in our power; And we act with courage.

In “our” power – How little would we fear if we – together – the Body of Christ – small, tall, white hair, no hair, little girls and growing young men, experts and learners alike moved as one – would we find our courage together?

For you are the dwelling place within us,
(Take a deep breath)
the empowerment around us,
(Look to your right and to your left)
and the celebration among us now and forever, Amen.


Submitted by Rev. Beth Scibienski, Community Presbyterian Church, Kendall Park NJ.

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