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looking ahead: Advent

Yeah, I know–it’s not even Halloween, so why is LiturgyLink jumping on the Christmas decoration bandwagon too??

Well, okay, the Advent Wreath bandwagon.

Because it takes time to get ready, of course!

So–what are you thinking for Advent this year? Will you do a series or  a theme, or just preach the lectionary? Perhaps focus on characters of the Christmas story, or preach the prophets, or spend the whole season in the first chapter of Luke, or organize worship around the genealogies, or your favorite Advent carols?

Will you sing Christmas carols during Advent? Why or why not?

What mood are you hoping to strike?

What visuals might come into play? Any rituals?

And, of course, the Advent Candle Lighting Liturgy…we have a few in the archives here, but we can always use more, so let’s write one together!

I know it’s cheesy, and I know I apply this in exactly zero other areas of my work and life, but seriously: when you plan ahead, it makes December so much less stressful. So what are you thinking?

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