a community creating for the relentless return of Sunday

Sunday’s Coming: working toward October 21

This Sunday is my birthday! Therefore I will write only birthday-related liturgy.

What’s that? That’s neither helpful nor church? Sigh.

How about Blessing The Lord? Or seeing if Jesus can give me a great gift? Or perhaps you’ll be spending it listening to the liturgist try to pronounce Melchizedek more than once. Or maybe continuing with Job, contemplating God’s “answer” to Job’s question.

Is it stewardship season? How’s that coming? What invitations, prayers, dedications, ritual actions, or other liturgical opportunities are you engaging in this season? Please share–some of us still have no dedication-Sunday plan and we need some help!

Whatever you’re working on, stop in with your ideas, or to hear the ideas of others. It’s like a virtual coffee shop in here, complete with collaborators and comfy chairs and good background music!

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