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Sunday’s Coming: working toward September 16

This week we have lots of hard teaching…have you ever wondered why wisdom can’t just be easy?


Wisdom calls out–standing on street corners, hawking her wares…and yet, few seem to be listening.

Even the creation–from sky to sea–is trying to offer us God’s way of wisdom.

But still we have trouble taming our tongue.

And so we come to the path of wisdom: take up your cross and follow me.


So…how will you approach these hard words this week? Anyone want to work on a confession using that proverbs text? a call to discipleship or a charge-and-benediction based on the gospel story? A call to worship expanding on the psalmist’s imagery?

Leave your ideas–big or small, fully formed or just a seed–in the comments, so we can create together!

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  1. I’m thinking that it would be a good thing to confront the challenge of Proverbs for the next several weeks. I was struggling to sort out what to say about the text, then I thought again thanks to some reflections in Feasting on the Word from Kathleen O’Connor and in The Lectionary Commentary from Will Willimon. Of course we need to be wondering and thinking and talking about wisdom in these days – what else is there to talk about?? How better can we move the supposed distinction between private and public life forward than to speak of “Wisdom cries out in the street; in the squares she raises her voice”?

    That’s all well and good, but I’m still wondering a bit about what this looks like liturgically and especially musically. Any ideas?

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