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Sunday’s Coming: working toward September 9

we’re back!!! summer was nice and all, but it’s time to get back on the creative-liturgy-train. Are you back? Perhaps you’d like to flex your creative muscles–write a call to worship and send it to us! When your creative juices are flowing, send in a great invitation to offering or a prayer of dedication (stewardship season is nearly upon us, after all, we’re looking for those!). During election season we probably have plenty to confess–share a prayer of confession!

Send your submissions to liturgylink at gmail dot com. You don’t have to be a professional liturgy writer, or have something perfect, or even have the piece completed! Send it in and let the collaborative process work. One of the things we hope for in this space is the back-and-forth, the conversation where ideas flow and sparks fly and we get new ideas out of someone else’s half-formed sentence. So stop in to the comments and make conversation, send in your liturgy or ideas, and let the collaboration begin!

This week many of us are headed back to the lectionary after a summer series. Some of us are Rally-Day-ing, while others have already rallied. Some are working on the narrative lectionary this year rather than the RCL–we’d love to have your NL-related liturgy and ideas here too! Please share!

For those of us working on the RCL this week, we find the sassy Syrophonoecian woman calling out from the pages of Mark. How might she, or the response of Jesus, be a sighting of a “new year” or a call to be the church we can be?

We also find some advice for the beginning of the school year (and the Sunday School Year) in Proverbs. We have the classic call to action in James. And a prayer of trust in varying circumstances in the psalm.

We could perhaps find a theme in these readings, of faithful work within a power (or economic) differential. Or of action speaking louder than words. Or…many themes! What do you think?

Where are you headed this week? Put your ideas, thoughts, words or phrases, song suggestions, or anything else that might spark creativity in the rest of us into the comments! And send your liturgy in so we can create together!

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