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confession: battle

Unison:  It is all too easy to forget that we are not in charge of this world.  We create nations, build buildings, fight wars, and change landscapes.  We are part of a culture that builds up people’s reputations and livelihoods only to tear them down. We use words as weapons in skirmishes that leave others wondering why they would want anything to do with us or You.  We seem to be in battle with every enemy but the ones that matter.  Empty us of our pride and fill us with your humility; replace our striving with your contentment, exchange our need to lead for a heart that follows only you.  We give ourselves to you this day, knowing that only you can make us whole through Christ Jesus and the Holy Spirit.   Amen.
Affirmation: Christ came to conquer death, driving out fear with his perfect love. A Prince of Peace in a world of strife, Jesus offers that same peace to hearts struggling to live in grace.  Friends hear and believe the good news of the gospel.  In Jesus Christ you are forgiven.

Submitted by Laura Viau.

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