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Sunday’s Coming: working toward July 8

Guess what? Monday morning means that Sunday is on its way soon. How did last Sunday go? For those of you in America or Canada, did you touch on the national holidays at all? Or will you this coming Sunday? Or are you a “keep the 4th of July out of church!” church?

This week in the lectionary is one of those weeks that makes me glad we are doing a summer series…creating liturgy around some of these texts is going to be a challenge! I look forward to everyone rising to the challenge, though, and sharing the brilliance with friends around the world.

So…in the Old Testament readings this week we have David being anointed king (and hey, check out those verses omitted from the lectionary…whoo-ee!), and a psalm about the presence and might of God/King in Jerusalem being so great it put others to flight/awe. Perfect for the weekend after the Fourth of July, right?

In the New Testament we have an epistle reading that actually made me shake my head in surprise at the beginning (someone taken up into the third heaven? really?), and then wonder again about that pesky thorn…and a gospel reading where the thorn in Jesus’ flesh seems to be the unbelief of the people in his own town (and his response to that–which is to send out others to share the good news too! Indeed, grace is sufficient.)

So what’s the liturgical word on your street this week?

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