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Sunday’s Coming: working toward July 1

well, it’s that time again…the time when we look forward to another bulletin, another round of pondering the strangeness of the lectionary, another liturgy-writing extravaganza! Because really, how many liturgies do you know of that help us explore David’s prayer of lament over Saul and Jonathan at their death? Or “Paul’s” discussion of the match between “your present abundance and their need”?

Of course, there are wonderful possibilities with the psalm this week, and it’s move from crying out of the depths to trusting in the depths. And with the great story of Jesus and the two least important people in his society…the dying girl and the bleeding woman. Perhaps some of us will even be connecting those to current news stories.


So–where are you heading this week? What creative ideas do you have? Drop your phrases, images, or even just a word or vague idea into the comments, and let’s create together!

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