a community creating for the relentless return of Sunday

Sunday’s Coming: working toward June 24

Have you ever noticed that even when you’re out of town, Sunday still comes? Or that even in summer there are still only 168 hours in a week? Yeah…

So, in the few remaining hours before Sunday, what are you contemplating?

Are you looking at that David and Goliath story and wondering if you can pull off a reader’s theater complete with audience participation, as we did last week at the Montreat Youth Conference? (half the auditorium were Philistines, the other half Israelites…we taunted each other in between various sections of the reading…)

Are you wondering if you can preach about the comfort of your own pillow in the midst of the storm?

Perhaps you’re pondering yet another of Paul’s lists and exhortations.

Are you doing a summer series? What’s the theme? (Ours is “people’s choice”–we asked for suggestions, so this week I’ll be preaching on the who-what-where-when-why-how of prayer…)

Drop in and share your ideas, your seeds of ideas, your germs of seeds…who knows, the conversation may spark something new and fabulous that we can all use!

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