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affirmation: Lord, you have done so many things

Lord, you have done so many things;
the earth is full of your creations!
You make them all so wisely.
Look at the deep, wide sea;
the home of countless creatures large and small.
All of God’s creations look to God for sustenance.
Some trust more than others.
God has breathed life into the world –
it is through the Spirit that we live.
Let the Lord’s glory last forever!
Let the Lord rejoice in all He has made!
We will sing to the Lord as long as we live;
we will let our praise be pleasing to God.
We rejoice in the Lord!
Submitter’s note: We are still doing prayers of affirmation rather than confession on Pentecost. This one is LOOSELY based on Psalm 104:24-34 (minus the Leviathan).
Submitted by Rev. Kathryn Johnston, Mechanicsburg Presbyterian Church, Mechanicsburg PA.

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