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confession: you know why we’ve come

O Holy One, you know why we’ve come. You know what it is that we are looking for. You know why we are bending our bodies to peer into dark places. You know why we come looking for new words and new wonders. You know why we search the horizons for new signs. You know why each crashing wave calms our souls. We come because we are looking for something. Holy One, come and sit beside us. Give us a new word. Give us a new hope. Give us the power of resurrection as we’ve never experienced in the words that we continue to pray:

(The Lord’s Prayer)


Author’s Note: On Easter 7, I’m breaking from the RCL to preach from the Gospel of Peter as we conclude the Easter Season. Though these prayers are based in that scripture, they certainly carry the story of the entire Easter Season – and its end.

Submitted by Rev. Elsa Peters, First Congregational Church, South Portland, ME

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