a community creating for the relentless return of Sunday

Sunday’s Coming: working toward April 15

Have you ever noticed that Sunday just keeps coming? You would think we could get a tiny reprieve after Holy Week and Easter and all their various services, but once again…Sunday’s coming.

But first: how was Easter? What worked? What could use some tweaking? (If you put it in the comments here, then next year when you click for “easter resources” this conversation will still be there!)

So, what will you do with this NEXT Sunday? Will it be a low Sunday? A back-to-normal Sunday? A communion Sunday? Any thoughts on how to continue the Easter season when most people think it’s over now?

Perhaps you’ll go for the traditional Thomas reading–was he truly any more of a doubter than anyone else?

Maybe you’ll be contemplating what it means, as Easter people (and as the ones who are left after the big crowds come and go) to live together in unity.

How about pondering what that first church community was like the week after the big sermon?

Or starting with a sermon already printed in the Bible, full of good news and exhortation about living in light and love?

Wherever you’re journeying this week, stop in here to bounce the ideas around. Even if all you have is an inkling, a word or theme or phrase or image, put it in the comments and see where our creative community can take it!

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  1. On this second Sunday of Easter, we will be ‘observing’ Holy Humor Sunday, going back to the ancient tradition of celebrating the great joke God played on death on Easter morning. Humor, laughter, silly songs, preacher-as-standup-comic, joy will be the hallmarks of this service. People are invited to wear wild hawaiian shirts, ‘loud’ golf pants, outrageous hats.

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