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Maundy Thursday opening prayer

Gracious God, we give you thanks this night for the privilege of gathering together to remember, to celebrate, and to share.  We give you thanks for the journey we have been on with you—from manger to Temple, from Egypt to Galilee, from darkness to light.  Tonight we feast, as you did on a night like this so long ago, remembering your promises, your mighty deeds, your rescue of your people, your saving grace.  As we share this meal tonight, make us mindful of those who are hungry.  As we celebrate together, make us mindful of those who sorrow and those who are alone.  As we remember once again all you have done and all that you are, form us once again into your people.

May all who hunger come to rejoice in the feast of your kingdom.  Let all the human family sit at your table, drink the wine of deliverance, and eat the bread of freedom.  We pray these things in Jesus’ name.  Amen.


Submitted by Rev. Teri Peterson, Ridgefield Crystal Lake Presbyterian Church, Crystal Lake IL.

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