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Maundy Thursday invitation

It was a feast night, much like tonight. It was the time of celebration—celebration of God giving freedom, celebration of life and light and love being stronger than the powers of oppression and violence that seem to rule the world.

It was a feast night, a dinner party, with storytelling and laughter and more food than anyone knew what to do with.

And at this feast, a meal with traditions and family jokes and songs of hope, Jesus called his friends to see the world differently.

To see not just bread, not just wine, not just a traditional meal, but to allow their eyes to be opened to see the kingdom of God—the kingdom of abundance, love, sharing, hope…the kingdom of LIFE—laid before them.

So tonight, we are invited to share this same feast, to break bread and let our eyes be opened, to share the cup and know the power of a life poured out in love and obedience.

let us pray…

Submitted by Rev. Teri Peterson, Ridgefield Crystal Lake Presbyterian Church, Crystal Lake IL.

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