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Sunday’s Coming: working toward March 18

Oh boy, the snake week! 🙂

I confess that this Sunday we will have a cantata (John Rutter’s Requiem) so I won’t be preaching on snakes this year, nor on obscure references to said snakes in the midst of a much-beloved, almost-cliche story. Will you?

Perhaps this week you’ll be considering the many ways in which it is both true and difficult to believe that God is good, all the time. 

Or maybe you’ll seize the opportunity to explore how we are justified by grace through faith, and we participate in good works prepared for us ahead of time–as a way of life.

Or maybe you’re in the midst of a Lenten series…

whatever you’re working on this week, stop in for a chat! Share your seeds, sparks, and ideas well-formed or still very vague. One word, one phrase, an image, a feeling, an atmosphere…and let’s join in creating together! When we bounce our ideas around who knows what might happen?

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  1. I’m running away as fast as I can from the snakes of Numbers and John! Instead, I’m taking on the grand old concept of salvation by grace through faith. I’ll likely break out Guthrie’s Christian Doctrine and find some of his great quotes that just make this make more sense.

    As for liturgy, oh boy, where to go no one knows!

  2. I’m totally hitting up the snakes in the children’s sermon. I have a plush snake from Ikea, and we’re going to wrap it around a pole and lift it up. (We always perform the children’s message – this week has more props than usual).

    For sermon, though, I’m with Andy. Gonna get my Reformed tradition on hardcore. I will probably also refer to my ords, though – my exegesis ord was on that passage from John!

  3. I’m hitting Ephesians as well and appreciate Andy’s reminder of Guthrie’s book. Three years ago was ‘Snakes on a Plain’ – can’t beat that – but this week’s title is ‘Born This Way’. 🙂

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