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Looking Ahead: Easter

How’s that Lenten Discipline going? One month and one day left of Lent! (not that anyone would count down or anything…)

On Easter morning, do you have a sunrise service? Inside or outside? printed bulletin or no bulletin? preaching or no preaching?

What about the service that happens well after sunrise?

What sparks are just beginning to catch your imagination–ideas, words, phrases, images…or maybe just a feeling or a sense of the atmosphere? What do you need for Easter, sunrise service or later? What have you done before, what would you like to try? Let’s work together to create!

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  1. Teri Peterson says

    I think our two later services (1015 and 1115) will open with a cascade of handchimes. It’ll be a different kind of feel than the more high-church triumphalistic brass…though of course we still have to close with the Hallelujah Chorus. In between….it seems this year we’re focusing on “who rolled the stone away?” so I’ll be writing liturgy for that. I’d love to play with ideas here, if anyone else wants to play too!

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