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Some weeks just feel like there’s always one more thing to do. This week it was the Ash Wednesday bulletin, then the Sunday bulletin, then the Wednesday service, now thinking about those parts of the Sunday service that aren’t in the bulletin–because there’s so much more to worship than what’s printed there, right?

This week we have a prayer of dedication from the Rev. Sarah Rentzel Jones, pastor of St. Peter’s (Lischey’s) UCC in Spring Grove, PA…may it spark our thinking and praying and creating! What else do you need for this week? A prayer for illumination? A children’s time? A call to confession? Share you ideas here!

Dedicating the Offering
We give Thee but Thine own, O Lord, and we do this intentionally each week to remind ourselves that everything we have is on loan from you. The gifts that we have presented today are not all that we have, but a portion which we set aside, so that your work can be done in this church and in the world. Help us to be ever mindful of your generosity toward us, so that we might be generous in return. Amen.

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