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The bulletin is probably printed, but there’s always more, isn’t there? There are children’s sermons, calls to confession, prayers of dedication, blessings, prayers for illumination…what images or words or phrases are you working with in the Other Parts this week? What theme are you hoping to carry through even when it’s not printed in the bulletin?

This week our call to confession and declaration of forgiveness are mountain-toppy. What do you have to share?

So often we think we understand, we think we know what God should be doing. But when we let our guard down and speak the truth about our confusion, God’s grace enters in. So we take this time to be honest about our limitations and our failures. Let us pray.

(prayer of confession)

On the mountaintop, Christ shows us who he truly is, and it is dazzling. On the mountaintop, Christ shows us who we truly are—children of God whose lives are made new by God’s grace and by the fellowship of the Holy Spirit. Friends, believe and live this good news—in Jesus Christ, we can shine light for the world. Thanks be to God. Amen.

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