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Sunday’s Coming: working toward February 5

The first Sunday in February–we all know what that means, right? the Souper Bowl, of course! Are you working with the Souper Bowl of Caring in your worship service? Will there be a special moment for that, a litany or prayer specific to that collection, or perhaps some kind of liturgical action that allows people to participate in the offering and in praying for those in your community who are hungry while most of us gorge ourselves on junk food in front of a huge TV?

And of course there’s the lectionary–where Jesus meets those people in need, and the disciples show the first signs of not really “getting it.” There’s the good news in Isaiah that God is there even when we fail, and will lift us up. Paul sets the bar really high by claiming that he can be all things to all people–no pressure, pastors and preachers! The Psalm reminds us that God provides and is to be praised–perfect for a call to worship, don’t you think?

What are you thinking this week? What phrases are turning around in your mind, begging to be turned into liturgy? What hymn ideas do you have? Anyone have an original communion liturgy to share, or a dedication of food pantry donations, or other liturgical seeds we can water and grow together?

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