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The Weekend is Coming: working toward Christmas Eve and Day

It’s Winter Church Extravaganza Weekend…with Christmas Eve on Saturday this year, many of us will be worshipping several times this weekend. So…what liturgical brilliance are you hoping to break out on this big weekend? Do you forego prayers of confession, or substitute new affirmations of faith, or have a fantastic Christmas Call to Worship? Do you have a Christmas prayer of dedication that you really enjoy? Do you celebrate communion on Christmas Eve and/or Day, and if so do you write new communion liturgy or go with the tried-and-true book?

Perhaps you’ve already finished the liturgy for Christmas and the bulletin is printed (maybe your office staff goes on vacation, or you work ahead). Perhaps you won’t finish the bulletin until 3pm Saturday. Either way–share your resources, your ideas, your liturgical seeds and needs, and let’s work together to make this a creative and beautiful Christmas weekend.

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