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confession: on this Pentecost Sunday

submitted by Rev. Shannan Vance-Ocampo, Watchung Avenue Presbyterian Church, North Plainfield, NJ

On this Pentecost Sunday, we confess to You, O Lord –
our division, for we are not gathered together as Your people in one place;
our fear of the rush of your Spirit in our lives and what it might call us to do or to be;
our desire for a monolingual society,
even when you allowed the early church to transcend all language,
not favoring one over another;
our actions that can be like the crowds that taunt and torment,
mocking those who are filled with your Spirit that burns like fire and rushes like wind.
On this Pentecost Sunday, O Lord –
help us to let down our barriers to your Spirit;
guide us to live with joy, abandon, and faithfulness;
and create in us new hearts to be new people who worship only You.  Amen.

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