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Ascension Day Collect

Submitted by Rev. Brian Merritt, Palisades Community Church.

Holy One,
You are one who distracts, confuses and distorts.
Pupils dilating at your light
become cast into darkness.
Our peace is shattered into chaos
and our placid water struck by lightening.
We who cling to soaring chariots
are found wandering the desert’s emptiness.
In our desolation your servants
hope even in the sight of footstools
made out of your enemies.
Even they, in your great destruction,
see the immensity of justice.
In the midst of absence
form something we may call creation.
Inside this ash sprinkle waters of life,
so that our roots will deepen
and our branches blossom with eternal fruit,
yet, seen as holy by others needing revelation.

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