a community creating for the relentless return of Sunday

invitation to the table: World Communion

designed for 2 readers (one in bold, one in plain)


This is the joyful feast of the people of God!
Men, women, and children will come from North and South,
and from East and West,
and sit at table in the kingdom.
They will come wearing traditional clothing from the cultures of the world,
in kilts and kimonos and in seersucker suits,
in mumus and cowboy boots, lederhosen and caftans,
and they will come wearing rags,
and they will sit at the table together.
They will gather, and God will serve them bread, and wine,
and rice, and kim chee, and quesadillas, and curries
and fish stew, and cheeseburgers, and all manner of things that are good to eat,
and in that feast they will eat as much as they like,

TOGETHER: and never hunger again.

The kingdom of God is not far away –
it is here, among us,
and God invites us to join that feast now.
Come, for all is ready.
Submitted by Rev. Talitha G. Phillips, Montclair Presbyterian Church, Oakland CA

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