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illumination: teach us the lyrics

Holy God,
in the midst of our stillness, let your Spirit move;
through the sound of sheer silence, may we hear you whisper;
to the rhythm of creation, set the beating of our hearts;
and with the words of these stories we hear today,
teach us the lyrics to your song


Submitted by Rev. Scott V. Cervas, Meadowthorpe Presbyterian Church (Lexington, KY)

Confession: Thoughts & Prayers

God of peace…we give thanks that you are our firm foundation when the waves of chaos thrash around us, causing the world to feel out of control.  We give thanks that you have empowered us to speak peace into chaos, and to take action against … [Continue reading]

Approach and confession: idols

God of love and justice, you are alpha and omega, beginning and end…and in between you are the breath of life, the rock on which we stand and the hand that holds us fast. We come into this place, gathered as your people, listening for the voice of … [Continue reading]

A prayer of confession to share on liturgylink.com

Lord, you are our guiding light.  But when your world grows dim, when tragedy strikes, we confess that we tend to retreat from faith.  We may lose our way, our vision clouded by anger or gloom.  We fall back to our former ways because we may not know … [Continue reading]

Confession + Assurance: Hope for God’s Children

Beloved God, your hopes for us can seem far removed. How can we work for a better tomorrow when today is so difficult? How can it be that people so different from us can also be your children? You call us to serve each other in love, and we instead … [Continue reading]

CTW: Child of God

Child of God, you are welcome here. We gather with our siblings, sustained by the faith of Christ. Child of God, you are called. Our hope is in God’s light, working together to build the Kingdom of Heaven. Child of God, you are … [Continue reading]

Confession: Shiphrah and Puah

Scripture offers us stories of Heroes who have been Immoveable in their efforts to inspire People to stand against evil in the world. Hatred and violence are too often a Real problem…and we must wonder: Are we…actively or inactively…silently or … [Continue reading]

Confession: we have been silent

God of Love and Justice, we know your heart is breaking for us. You taught us to love our neighbors as ourselves, but we harbor prejudice and resentment that leads us to violence. You taught us that you love us all, citizen and stranger, no … [Continue reading]

Approach and Confession: complicit

Most loving and gracious God, we give you thanks for your unending faithfulness. We come into your presence with praise and with hope, for you are good, and you call us your own. You created us in your image, and you shepherd us through this life, … [Continue reading]

affirmation: in every place

We believe in God: omnipresent, in every time, and in every place, generating and sustaining all life, nurturing relationship with Creation. We believe in Jesus, the Christ, who lived and loved, taught and died; the One who conquered death and who … [Continue reading]