a community creating for the relentless return of Sunday

call to worship: welcome

Welcome, you who are weak –
here may you find a sanctuary.

Welcome, you who are certain –
here may you be challenged.

Welcome, you who are unconvinced –
here may your questions be heard.

Welcome, you who honor God by abstaining –
here may you receive God’s good gifts.

Welcome, you who live for yourselves –
here may you find what is worth your whole life.

Welcome, you who live for the Lord –
here may you judge not
but give an account only
to the Lord of the dead and the living.


based on Romans 14:1-12
submitted by Rev. Doug Hagler, First Presbyterian Church, Phoenixville, PA


confession: So far…

So far, O God – we are so far from what you have called us to be.  We are eaten up with judgment and self-righteousness.  We are buried in selfishness, ego, and pride.  We have let your world be full of war and violence.  We allow some to go without … [Continue reading]

CTW: citizens of a kingdom

We come before the God of resident and alien, native and sojourner - As Adam and Eve fled the Garden, As Noah drifted rudderless, As Abraham and Sarah fled famine, followed God, and journeyed everywhere but home The God whose call knows no … [Continue reading]

CTW: who do you say?

      Jesus asks us, “Who do you say that I am?”             O Lord, we say you are the Son of God,             but sometimes you just seem so plain human.       Jesus asks us, “Who do you say that I am?”             Lord Christ, we say you are … [Continue reading]

confession: withheld

We have withheld from you, O God, our deepest selves, choosing only to offer that which we see as marketable or usable, when we know you desire the fullness of our beings. We fail to honor you and the unique gifts you have given us by insisting that … [Continue reading]

confession: you know us

All: God, you know us inside out, when we lie down and when we rise. Your knowledge is so complete and wonderful, we can never comprehend it. But that doesn’t stop us from believing we have it all figured out. Forgive our arrogance and misplaced … [Continue reading]

CTW: in the storm

One:  In the storm, during the fire, despite the strong wind, All:  the Spirit is steadfastly present. One:  God brings a word of peace, gentle as a kiss, All:  therefore we will not fear. One: Responding to God’s goodness and … [Continue reading]

communion: bring many names

Prompt in Bulletin As you come into worship this morning, you're invited to write your name on one of the index cards provided. During the singing of our first hymn, Bring Many Names, you're invited to bring your many names forward to place on the … [Continue reading]

POP: hear and provide

Giver of every good thing, we praise you for the abundant goodness of your creation. In the love of Jesus Christ, you have opened our eyes to those who are yet in need, for whom we pray now. For all who are hungry, thirsty, homeless, or in … [Continue reading]

confession: the earth is yours

The earth is yours, O Lord, and everything in it belongs to you. We confess that we have treated “our own” as exclusive property and cut off those in need from the gift of your abundance. We have ignored orphans, widows, and foreigners, as if … [Continue reading]