a community creating for the relentless return of Sunday

illumination: shine your light

Lord of light, shine your light on us now.  As you spoke your word of creation in the beginning, speak your creative word to us now.  As you gave us your word through prophets and teachers, give us your word in our worship this day.  As you yourself read the scroll and claimed its promises, read your word into our hearts and claim us with your promises.  As your disciples, we gather around your word, in your name.  Amen.


Submitted by Rev. Betsy Turner, Luther Hays Presbyterian Church, Hayston, Georgia

CTW: broken places

One: Healing God, we come today seeking your presence in our broken places. All: In our own stories, we have struggles, we carry burdens, and mask our shame.   One: Help us find the courage to reach out to you in all places—not just in the … [Continue reading]

confession: impatient, overwhelmed, and frustrated

Prayer for Confession (Unison) Gracious God, we pray for new understanding because we are tormented by our doubts and mistakes.   We confess that we have been impatient with your ways. We have not trusted your wisdom but have insisted on our own … [Continue reading]

CTW: we want to see miracles

Leader:  We come to see glory revealed. People: We want to see miracles happen. Leader:It is a time for miracles. It is a time of new understanding when God’s steadfast love becomes manifest. People: O may God’s love become manifest in … [Continue reading]

POP: show all people

O Lord, you work righteousness for all in need and uphold the cause of all who are oppressed. Trusting in your holy ways and mighty works, we lift up this world before your compassion and mercy. We pray for all who suffer under anger and … [Continue reading]

CTW: called by name

We have been claimed by the God who calls us children. We, the redeemed, have been called by name. As with the Israelites, God promises to pass with us through the water. We will not fear, for God is with us! The rivers shall not overwhelm us for … [Continue reading]

Hymn: Thus Says the Lord, Our God


Below is a hymn that I recently composed that was inspired by the words of Isaiah 43:1-7, the Old Testament lectionary text for Baptism of the Lord Sunday (Year C) - January 10th, 2016. It is dedicated to my dear friend, Rev. Joseph Taber, Pastor … [Continue reading]

Communion: Word made flesh

The Lord be with you.  And also with you. Lift up your hearts.  We lift them to the Lord. Let us give thanks to the Lord our God. It is right to give our thanks and praise. Good and gracious God, we thank you for your presence among us, that … [Continue reading]

dedication: every good thing

We praise you, O Lord, and everything in us proclaims your holy name. You have forgiven our sin, healed our brokenness, and redeemed us from the power of death. You satisfy us with every good thing. We celebrate your goodness in the sacrament of this … [Continue reading]

illumination: a feast

God of all wisdom and might, send your Spirit this day that we might hear your word of truth, the gospel of your salvation, and believe in you. May your scripture be a feast upon our lips and a gladsome song to be sung for all eternity. … [Continue reading]