a community creating for the relentless return of Sunday

Charge & Benediction: the spirit of God

The Spirit of God inspires…
The Spirit of God transforms…
The Spirit of God empowers…
go…and be…and do!

And may you…
those you encounter…
and those who are touched beyond that encounter…
discover and know the grace, love, and peace of God
each and every day.


Submitted by Scott Cervas, pastor at Meadowthorpe Presbyterian Church (Lexington, KY)

POP: on the wings of your Spirit

God of our awakening… we have named our fears; we have named those things that hold us back and keep us from moving beyond where we are. You have taken our fears… our inhibitions… and our complacencies… and you have invited … [Continue reading]

CTW: Come Holy Spirit!

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affirmation of faith: a litany for justice

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ctw: let’s celebrate chipmunks

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illumination: beyond your words

As we read the words of scripture, we are pointed to your living Word who walked among us; and we are surrounded by your Spirit, who whispers words within our hearts and minds. Inspire us in our hearing and reflecting, that we may move beyond … [Continue reading]

confession: beyond our words

Holy God, as of the year two thousand ten, according to Google, one hundred twenty-nine million, eight hundred sixty-four thousand, eight hundred and eighty books have been published in modern history. We like words. We enjoy good … [Continue reading]

POP: great and wondrous

Great and wondrous God, you are worthy of praise from the heights of heaven to the depths of the sea. The sun, moon, and stars bear witness to your incredible creativity, and our own spirits echo with the joy of your boundless love. We call upon … [Continue reading]

call to confession / declaration of grace: mind-expanding faith

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confession: resurrect your song within us

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