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confession: turn impatience into action

Faithful God,

Just like our ancestors in the faith, we are impatient. They did not want to wander in the wilderness. We do not want to wait in traffic. Help us to turn our impatience into action. Focus our frustrations on the things that need to be changed. God, we do not want to wait any longer for an end to war. We do not want to wait any longer for an end to homelessness and hunger. We do not want to wait any longer for everyone to have enough. Kindle our righteous anger, O God, and move us toward acts of justice, so all may experience the saving love of your Son, our Savior. Amen.
submitted by Rev. Susannah DeBenedetto, Salisbury, Maryland

prayers of the people: marvelous things

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prayer of dedication: joyful and trusting obedience

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confession: everyone except ourselves

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confession: quite a mess

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Great Prayer of Thanksgiving: all that is, all that was, all that shall be

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dedication: filled with your goodness

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benediction: the kingdom of heaven

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illumination: transform and empower

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Epiphany Communion: Still a Light Shines

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