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Confession – Turning Our Backs

Holy and Beloved God, Sovereign of the Universe, we pray for forgiveness. It is so easy to lose your way—even with the light of the sun and the moon to guide us, we often prefer to turn our backs and head out on our own path. Then, when we have adjusted to the darkness, turning back to your light seems to hurt our eyes, and we squeeze them shut to block out our pain and the pain around us. Help us to open our eyes again. To trust that the pain of seeing the world as you see it is reduced when we do your work. Hear the pains and burdens we bear—and take them from our hearts, that we may instead be filled with your heavenly joy and love.


Submitted by Rev. Lucus Levy Keppel, Trinity Presbyterian Church in Bixby, OK


(for a service remembering Buzz Aldrin taking communion on the moon)

Dedication: opportunity to give

God our strength, you give us so very much, and your blessings grow and multiply in our lives. You call us to share your gifts with others, and so we obey. We thank you for the opportunity to give, and we dedicate these offerings to your work in the … [Continue reading]

confession: lip service

Your word still rings true, Lord, generation after generation. You are a God who keeps promises. Yet we confess that we would prefer your work to conform to our timeline, and even better to our desires. We sometimes pay lip service to your word while … [Continue reading]

CTW: look to the stars

One: Look to the stars—filling the sky with light! All: God’s word is a light, shining bright in the darkness. One: Look to the stars—spread across the universe, farther than any eye has seen. All: God is everywhere present, whether we go to the … [Continue reading]

CTW (unison) Psalm 113

Let us adore God’s name throughout eternity. When we first see the sun’s rays until we cannot see them anymore, We will celebrate the name of God. The magnificence of God is displayed throughout the skies. Let us worship the one who is above … [Continue reading]

Confession/Pardon – Debts

Holy and Beloved God, we pray to you often, asking you to "forgive us our debts, as we forgive our debtors" - and then, in the next breath, we turn away from you and shake down our friends and families. Bring justice through the world, holy God, even … [Continue reading]

confession: just enough to be dangerous

Creator God, you made us to live together with you. We confess that we are sorely tempted by the opportunity to be our own gods. We admit to you that we have tried shortcuts to wisdom—we think we know what is best, when really we know just enough to … [Continue reading]

CTW: in the beginning

One: In the beginning, when God created, God looked at the world and called it good. All: Not only way back when, but even now, God is creating, calling us to join the work of making the world good. One: Earth and water and air, plants and … [Continue reading]

Litany to Commemorate the Victims of 9/11

On this day we remember the fear and the anger, the shock and the chaos that shrouded our nation 15 years ago.  We cried out that day for answers, for peace, for justice. We shed countless tears for lives lost, for families ripped apart, for people … [Continue reading]

Confession: Choose Life

On our journey with God, we often make mistakes, and hurt each other. By acknowledging these mistakes, and asking for forgiveness, we work to heal that pain, and reconcile with each other and with God. Let us join together in prayer: Holy and … [Continue reading]