a community creating for the relentless return of Sunday

CTW: Light – Word – Life

We gather to worship God, to proclaim the Divine Light

There is no darkness in God, for God is Light

We gather to worship God, to proclaim the Divine Word

There is no falsehood in God, for God is Truth

We gather to worship God, to proclaim the Divine Life

There is no death in God, for God is Life Eternal

Let us worship God! Amen.

(Based on 1 John 1: 1-5, for a sermon series on the Apostles’ Creed and Brief Statement of Faith)

submitted by Rev. Lucus Levy Keppel, Ancho + Corona Presbyterian Churches, New Mexico

prayer–guide me

Guide me, O my great Redeemer. We seek your guidance, O God, for there are many choices in our lives and many paths we could take. We need your wisdom. We need to know how best to live in your ways. Hear us cry out for help. Pilgrim through this … [Continue reading]

POP–stretched out

Holy God, your grace is amazing beyond comprehension surrounding and filling all creation. We give you thanks for your unbounded love for glimpses of your kingdom for faith lived and visible for hope that will not let go for joy that has … [Continue reading]

POP–break us open

Oh God, we come to prayer this day with no words… hearts heavy, minds reeling, fear and grief and anger and hopelessness and resistance all mingling together and blocking the things we want and need to say. And yet you are still God. We … [Continue reading]

POP–after Charleston

Oh God, Oh God, Why have you forsaken me? Jesus cries out from the Cross, and the Psalmist cries out from the depth of despair. But, we your faithful people know that you are never far from our cries. You were with Christ upon the Cross, you were … [Continue reading]

illumination: in perfect rhythm

Composer of life, may the words of Scripture serenade us like lyrics begging for a response… may the catchy melody of creation ring through these words, inviting us into the dance of new life… and may the beat of your heart keeps us in perfect … [Continue reading]

communion: Trinity Sunday

Invitation to the Table Friends, this is the joyful feast of the people of God! By the mysterious wonder of our triune God, we gather here to celebrate a feast for all time, joining with Jesus and his disciples in an upper room, with the … [Continue reading]

Charge & Benediction: the spirit of God

The Spirit of God inspires… listen! The Spirit of God transforms… grow! The Spirit of God empowers… go…and be…and do! And may you… those you encounter… and those who are touched beyond that encounter… discover and know the grace, love, and … [Continue reading]

POP: on the wings of your Spirit

God of our awakening… we have named our fears; we have named those things that hold us back and keep us from moving beyond where we are. You have taken our fears… our inhibitions… and our complacencies… and you have invited … [Continue reading]

CTW: Come Holy Spirit!

A word about how this call to worship might work. This will require a bit of planning and knowing your congregation. I picture the congregation facing forward and the gifts of the Holy Spirit coming from behind the congregation toward the front of … [Continue reading]