a community creating for the relentless return of Sunday

POP: arise, O God

Arise, O God, and scatter the shadows of enmity and hatred!
In Christ’s resurrection, you drive away sin and death
like smoke before the wind;
in Christ’s ascension, you give glory to the one whose suffering saves us;
therefore we rejoice and sing for joy before you.
Teach us to honor your name above all things
and keep us from being content with anything but your will.

You, O God, defend widows and set orphans in families,
you who dwell on high!
You give a home to the lonely and freedom to the prisoners;
you lead your people through the wilderness
into communities of wholeness and abundance.
Show us your presence once again, Holy One;
shake us from our complacency,
and refresh us in all our thirst.
Make a home for all people,
provide generously for the poor,
and use your church to heal your world.
Make room especially for those we have lifted up by name,
and for those whose names are far from our lips
or deep within our hearts.

We sing to you, O God,
praising you for your glorious creation,
trusting in your mighty power,
and celebrating the wonders of your promise.
Blessed are you, O God,
in Jesus Christ,
who teaches us to pray as we say:

The Lord’s Prayer


Submitted by Rev. Nathan Williams, Echo Hill Presbyterian Church, Cedar Rapids, IA

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