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Confession: looking for mercy

O Lord our Shepherd, maker of heaven and earth,
we lift up our eyes to the hills,
looking for your mercy and forgiveness.
You watch over us night and day,
and yet our feet go astray;
we slip, stumble, and fall into sin.

We confess that we do not watch for your guidance,
trust in your protection,
or offer your comfort to others.
Forgive us.
We need you to save us from the evil we bring on ourselves.
We need you to guide us as we go out into the world
and come back into your presence.

Restore us, we pray in Jesus’ name,
for he promises your mercy from this time forth and forevermore. Amen.


Submitted by Rev. Nathan Williams, Covenant Presbyterian Church, West Des Moines, IA

Confession: Vulnerable Love

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Illumination: Word, Light, Way

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CTW: Scent of Bread

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Prayer for Illumination: Freshly Baked Bread

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Blessing for teachers

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Confession: rather than

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POP: lifetime after lifetime

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CTW: witnesses

One: Come, let us worship God! All: We come with joy and amazement. We come, startled and frightened. We come as we are. One: We assemble together, saying “It is true!” All: Are not our hearts burning within us? One: Look! Touch and see! It is … [Continue reading]

Prayers of the People: eternally victorious

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