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confession: your love is at work, yet we resist

Call to Confession

God calls us to rest in grace, to let down our guard and be truthful about ourselves and the world. When we allow some breathing room, we can see the Spirit moving, calling us to a new way of life. Before God, with all the people of God, let us confess our brokenness and make room for healing. Let us pray.

Prayer of Confession

Your Love is hard at work, O God. Yet we resist, insisting we must do the work ourselves. We resist, unwilling to allow the undeserving to be loved. We resist, wanting to control the methods and outcomes. We forget to give thanks, instead wavering between trying harder and giving up. Forgive our hard-heartedness, and remind us that you are Love. Forgive our narrow vision, and turn us again to walk your way. Forgive our ingratitude, and open us to receive as well as give. Free us from our selfish desires, and make room for your work to grow in us.


Assurance of Forgiveness

Hear this good news: God is at work in you. Live this truth: God’s grace is more than enough for whatever you carry. Know that you are forgiven, loved, and free.

We will rejoice and be glad! Amen.


Submitted by Rev. Teri Peterson, the Presbyterian Church of Palatine, IL

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  1. Laura Cunningham says

    Thank you for this prayer and for liturgy that corresponds to the narrative lectionary. We’ll use it this Sunday.

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