a community creating for the relentless return of Sunday

Sunday’s Coming: it’s Pentecost!

fire! fire!

Okay…and wind, and babble, and excitement!

What are you up to this Sunday? Dry Bones? Tongues of Fire? Birthday Cake?

Leave your thoughts, tidbits, sparks, or whatever you have–no matter how complete or unfinished–in the comments so we can light the creative fires together!

(And don’t miss the good conversation and ideas that developed on our Pentecost brainstorming post over the last several weeks!)

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  1. Dorothy Horton says:

    This is what I have written for our call to worship on Sunday in Australia.Pentecost call to worship
    Congregation makes sounds like the wind. Leader holds up hand to cease.
    Leader: Wild, wandering, wind whistling across our continent.
    People: Hot, humid breezes, crazy little willy-willys
    Leader: Cooling airs from off the sea.
    People: Why wind? Why such an energy
    That lifts ungainly pelicans into the air
    To waltz and soar and sail with joy
    Wind sounds
    Leader: Soft little sandstorms puzzle round the dunes
    People: and kites serenely float in urban parks.
    Leader: Whirling raging Cyclones, howl across our land
    People: dancing a tune of change to all they meet
    Leader: Why wind? Why such a force that breaks and bends
    Shifting the shape of all that meets its path.
    Wind sounds
    Leader: Wild wandering Spirit, whistling across our lives
    People: bright squalls of vision, crazy little soul storms.
    Leader: Cooling airs for anguished hearts.
    People: And flames of inspiration for the bold.
    Leader: Why Spirit? Why such a force that breaks and bends
    shifting the shape of all that meets its path.
    Wind sounds
    People: Who knows ? God knows. We hear his breath.
    Leader: and celebrate the mystery of Pentecost.
    ALL Amen.

    c. Dorothy Horton.

  2. scottpcusa says:

    Love that CTW, Dorothy! Thanks! I am totally going to use it next year (or perhaps next week to continue the pentecost theme).

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