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Sunday’s Coming: working toward April 22

We’re getting a bit of a late start this week…whether you’re on a roll already or just waking up from the post-easter-week-vacation/retreat/nap, join in as we create for this Sunday!

Perhaps you’ll be walking on the road to Emmaus this week.

Perhaps you’re pondering our status as children of God.

Maybe all your words this week are different ways to cry out “Answer me, O God!”

Or are you brave enough to tackle Peter’s post-first-healing sermon?

Or perhaps you’re contemplating Earth Day and thinking of ways to explore care of creation in worship. Or are you in an Easter Season Series?

Whatever your direction, drop in to the comments and leave your ideas, whether they be a word or an image or  complete liturgy, hymn ideas or a different text or a phrase you can’t get out of your head. You never know when your small contribution might spark someone else’s creativity, and that is what we’re here for!

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  1. We went to Emmaus last week, so I’m looking to be back on lectionary this week. My first read of the texts this morning pointed toward how our vision becomes clearer the further we get away from something – presbyopia! 🙂 In the gospel text, Jesus seems to embrace this way of thinking and encourage the disciples to open their hearts to see things differently from afar.

    Liturgically, I’m thinking that the liturgy will explore some of this tension of looking back and looking forward. I really like Martha Spong’s call to worship that we posted earlier this morning here on LiturgyLink. I’m still looking for the words for a prayer of confession – that may only take shape after the sermon does! Plus, I’m thinking about using a different affirmation of faith this week, too… any ideas?

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