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A Lenten Litany of Renewal & Purpose

Every day is a day to be renewed…
to become the people God created us to be.
May we learn to recognize our true selves
as we reflect on God’s hope and intention for creation.

God calls us to proclaim the gospel
for the salvation of all humanity.
May we seek to be the presence of Christ in the world
without creating clubs that push people away.

God calls us to shelter, nurture,
and cultivate spiritual communion among all God’s children.
May we be a safe place for everyone
to question, to know, to struggle, and to grow

God calls us to worship in spirit and in truth.
May we abandon entertainment for profound awareness;
may we share our gifts and creativity in our expression;
and may the table at which we gather always have room.

God calls us to uphold the truth.
May we faithfully struggle to understand truth,
so that instead of being chained and imprisoned to it,
we may be joyfully and completely set free by it.

God calls us to be advocates for social justice.
May everything that seeks to undermine God’s love
make us uncomfortable and passionately counteractive.

God calls us to be a visible manifestation
of God’s vision of, and hope for, all creation.
May we live as if we truly believe that;
shining light in darkness…sprinkling salt on blandness…
and celebrating the joy of life that we all share together.
Let it be so!

Submitted by Scott Cervas, pastor at Meadowthorpe Presbyterian Church (Lexington, KY) as an Affirmation of Faith to be used during a series of sermons based on the Great Ends of the Church listed in section G-1.0200 of the Form of Government of the Presbyterian Church (USA).

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