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invitation to a holy lent

Invitation to Lenten Disciplines

Beloved in Christ,
at the time of the Christian Passover,
we celebrate our deliverance from sin and death
through the death and resurrection
of our Lord Jesus Christ.
Lent is the season of preparation
for this great celebration,
the means by which we renew our life
in the Paschal mystery.
We begin our Lenten journey
by acknowledging our need for repentance,
for in penitance,
we name those things
which damage us and others
for what they really are,
and we open ourselves
to the One whose love knows no boundaries
and whose mercy is demonstrated to us
in the life of Jesus Christ.

By taking an honest look at our lives,
and repenting of our humanness;
by praying quietly
but with full hearts;
by letting go of those things that harm us
and by taking on works of love for others;
by reading and feasting on God’s Word,
we observe a holy Lent,
and prepare ourselves for the passion
of Holy Week
and the joy of Easter.

Let us prepare ourselves
to come to our God.

Submitted by Rev. Thom Shuman, author of Lectionary Liturgies.

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