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confession: Isaiah 55

A prayer of confession for (World) Communion Sunday, based on Isaiah 55.
Submitted by Rev. Teri Peterson, Ridgefield-Crystal Lake Presbyterian Church

One: God, you call us to come share a rich feast
All: but we often choose to spend ourselves
for things that do not satisfy.
One: You call us to listen carefully and to delight in you,
All: but we often choose to look our own way
and impose our own will.
One: You call us to open our doors and our tables
to stranger as well as friend,
All: but we often choose to close
our doors and hearts to those unlike us.
One: You call us to seek you, to call on you, to find you near us,
All: but we often choose to ignore your cries
for justice and your plea for boundary-less love.
One: Your thoughts are higher than ours, O God,
and your ways are higher than our ways.
All: Forgive us,
Invite us again to your feast,
fill us with your word and your Spirit,
that we might go out in joy and come back in peace.

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